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How I Assist?


Unfortunately not. I have just launched this site and still need to discover many more things. Learning how to launch Gift Cards is a whole other level. I can not see that in the future either. My jewelry is very clear with images and descriptions. If any thing, i see Gift Cards as a present, a birthday present. If you would like to purchase a bracelet for a friend\family's birthday, you can purchase the bracelet and give it to them in the package shipped to you! January 21-22 is the weekend that the Birthday Wish event is happening. I will add it to my events, but i am still focusing on the Holiday Restock! The Birthday Wish event is when you want your package to be packed "Birthday Day" themed. This is an extra 5$. I still have to learn how to add that and discover a lot more. For now i am thinking you can reach out to me in one of my forums [ I will make one for that specifically ]. The Future is still waiting for me!I can see a very successful one for me as well! I still have a lot to learn, just like everyone else!


Only PayPal for now! Credit Cards for the future! I can see that many people don't have PayPal, but it was the easiest way for me to allow people to pay. I am still learning everything so if my business grows more and more, i will definitely include paying with Pay Pal


Returning is not allowed. My jewelry is bought clearly! The images and description explain to you about the product! Returning is a lot to handle! I also don't want to receive a broken package. Since this is the beginning of my journey, i think returning is not necessary. For any issues of the product, you can talk to me on my forum page! Find the category you need related to what you will ask me, and then type in your question! I will help you with problems with your jewelry item.

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